East L.A. Bites Back!

Defend Boylan Heights Community Accountabilty protest local gallery against gentrification.

Defend Boyle Heights Community Accountability protest local galleries against gentrification.

This is how Los Angeles Brown Berets new youth ‪Bite Back! in ‎East Los Angeles – Defend Boyle Heights against gentrification! Click the image above for the video. More info below on how to support Defend Boyle Heights!

communique July 2, 2o16. 6:41pm (LIVE):

Defend Boyle Heights Community Accountability

Self Help, what are you doing to stop gentrification in our community?

Tell your friends over at the galleries that the community has spoken: We don’t need any more art galleries. We want jobs and housing!

What galleries, you ask?
Chimento Contemporary 622 s. Anderson
Venus over LA 601 S. Anderson
Museum as Retail Space 649 S. Anderson
Nicodim 571 S. Anderson
Corey Helford Gallery 573 S. Anderson
Parrasch Heijen Gallery 1326 s. Boyle
Little Big Man Gallery 1427 E. 4th 1st
Maccarone 300 S. Mission
Ooga Booga 365 s. Mission
Pssst Gallery
Journal Gallery 347 s. Clarence 1st.

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