Dissecting The Freedom to Oppress in The Art World

FEMelanin at Mana Contemporary, Chicago

FEMelanin,  Bedtime Stories of White Supremacy, Nov.15, 2015 at Mana Contemporary, Chicago

The problem is that we believed, and still believe, that our bodies matter, that the bodies of our ancestors mattered, and it is from the wreckage of these broken promises that we launch our attacks. E.Kim & M. Mackrandilal

Earlier this year artists/writers Eunsong Kim and Maya Mackrandilal wrote “The Freedom to Oppress” with the intent of splitting-open and dissecting the neutrality and freedom of whiteness—specifically within white art criticism and white art. We encourage you all to read it– we hope thier critique will cut deep enough to draw others in solidarity against the racist art critics, publishers, institutions, and schools. We must also be vigilant to how the white-art-complex is working fast, with earmarked grants and all, to patch the situation by hosting superficial talks and exhibitions, while never truly relinquishing control of cultural resources. Already the white-art-complex is stamping their name all over “equity in the arts”, “diversity” with color-correct charities and art projects in “underserved communities.”

At this point in time, the white-art-complex should really be stepping-back instead of acting the fool and ignoring the fact that they, by not doing so, are robbing creatives of color this potential moment of empowerment and self-determination.

The Freedom to Oppress
April 19, 2016. Contemptorary.org

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